ENDUROC converter provides comfort at very affordable price with amazing low maintenance costs.

ENDUROC uses an exclusive, elegant and solid box, and it is completely silent.

ENDUROC has electromechanical thermostat control which is very accurate.

ENDUROC fully meets the requirements of the market.


Exclusive chassis made of aluminum
Electromechanical thermostat with a deviation of 0.1 ° C
Responds to change the temperature of 0.1 ° C
The front is made from a single whole.
Very slim with rounded edges .
Electromechanical version: 5 species from 1000 to 3000W
color: white (RAL 9016)
Control box
It is located on top of heating the body with:
* 4-wheel function
* Wheel thermostat
* Indicator light
These devices are designated as LCIE which guarantees maximum security level.
Soft and rounded edges
Very simple and precise.
Converter is supplied with a bracket that is mounted on the wall.
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